Defunctland: The Failure of Euro Disneyland

2 thoughts on “Defunctland: The Failure of Euro Disneyland

  1. Great episode, the whole Defunctland crew has really stepped up their game with Season 2. I went to Disneyland Paris as a kid in the early 2000s and thought their space mountain was the coolest roller coaster I have even been on. That whole park is beautiful and was great listening to the Podcasts with Tim Delaney and Terri Hardin on the creation of the park.

    I know this might not be the best place to pitch an episode but I couldn’t find a good contact point on the website. I have a recently defunct (2005-2017), heavily themed attraction, and was at a park you previously covered in one of your episodes.

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  2. Olivier Alex Dochez May 21, 2018 — 6:13 PM

    After having seen your point of view of the failure of EuroDisney/Disneyland Resorts Paris, there is one main reason you seem to forget or that you were unaware of. The main reason for the failure is because it is in France, not because of the protests, pubicity was made all over Europe to come, but it was mainly because the French employees refused to talk any other language and most information was initially in French and English only. This was only slightly resolved after a decade but now it is back to square one.

    Little fact you might no know, the city of Charleroi in Belgium proposed a larger area to Disney with a better deal and multilingual staff and a whole new rail, highway network and a brand new airport nearby. Disney only took France because the government was far more convincing than the Belgian one.

    Since Eurodisney opened Fantasialand in Germany, de Efteling in the Netherlands and Plopsaland in Belgium as wel as the Asterix parc on the north side of Paris have proven that with attention to detail and quality you can be far more succesfull. All these parcs have won numerous awards since the opened, the Efteling and Fantasialand battling out “Best theme parc of Europe” battles. And to be fair they are cheaper and way more fun to visit and the staff is friendlier than at Eurodisney!

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